http://www.sns.de my good friend boddle, who does my website, mailto: info@sns.de
http://www.mediamarkt.de the company I´m working

http://www.toto99.com the "official" TOTO Homepage
http://www.luke.dk awesome site about one of the best players around
http://www.beatline.com another nice Lukather tribute site
http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Towers/8755/index.html Steve Lukather’s home and his own studio
http://www.jmkeane.com Producer and musician John Keane´s site that works a lot with Mike
http://www.creatchy.com David Garfield´s site with excellent news about upcoming gigs in L.A.
http://www.vinniecolaiuta.com needless to say who this guy is
http://www.vesperalley.com Vonda Shepard´s official site
http://www.james-taylor.com very cool and informative site
http://www.stolenfish.com Mike`s side project
http://www.christian-tolle.de Christian Tolle, a dear friend and a great guitar player with his own project
www.gregmathieson.com great keyboardist, that Mike is performing regulary with
www.noiseforneighbors.com the home of Jeff Young and Blue Horn

Guitars, Gear etc..:
http://www.tylerguitars.com checkout the guitars, that Michael plays (incl. his own model )
http://www.suhrguitars.com great guitar builder, where Mike sometimes uses stuff
http://www.groshguitars.com another great guitar builder
http://www.gitarrebass.de leading German Guitar magazine, big fans of Mike
http://www.guitarnotes.com you´re looking for guitar player, this is it !
www.virtualguitarmagazine.com fantasic online mag

http://www.thebakedpotato.com monthly schedule to the definitly "hottest" place in North Hollywood
http://www.bakedpotatojazz.com the "new" place in Hollywood
http://www.laweekly.com everything you need to know about L.A.
http://www.calenderlive.com L.A.Times´ site for all the concert, movies, theatre... action in L.A.
http://www.mi.edu the world famous Musicians Institute in L.A.

Mail Orders
http://www.aorheaven.com one of the best mailorders on the net, find the latest CD´s of Michael
http://www.audiophile.com great mailorder, specialized in Fusion/Jazz and Rock, lots of Imports

http://www.fusemag.com very nice online mag
http://www.bekkoame.ne.jp/takeito/music.html Takeshi Ito´s is one of the best Westcoast music pages on the net
http://www.melodic.net another nice swedish site with lots AOR/Westcoast themes
http://www.bluedesert.dk/index.html great Westcoast site from Denmark with a “juicy” KARIZMA page
http://www.pollstar.com basically every tour on the planet is listed here
http://www.allmusic.com the sessions mega guide to all players, very essential
http://www.rockontv.com get all the information abouts what music programmes are on American TV
http://www.loncohen.com the best studio rental company in L.A.. If you need an amp, instrument or whatever, he'll get it
http://www.ulftone.com Karizma's label